Birth of a Camera: FUJIFILM GFX 100 – Part 1

The FUJIFILM GFX 100 was authoritatively presented during May 2019 (See our First Impression and Sample Footage article here), and we were fortunate enough to report portions of the way toward carrying this camera to acknowledgment by following the FUJIFILM group for a significant amount of time.

FUJIFILM GFX 100 delineation by Masazumi Imai-san

Throughout the previous 8 months FUJIFILM was benevolent enough to let us intently screen the introduction of their new leader huge configuration sensor creation, the GFX 100. For that particular undertaking, we headed out to Japan a few times and are currently glad to exhibit the result to you. This is the first of the two-sections narrative we have made. The thought was to bring our recording network a one of a kind off camera investigate the camera creation procedure and furthermore become acquainted with the general population behind that, their predicaments, difficulties and feelings (This is additionally the ideal spot to thank the FUJIFILM staff that took part in the film).

– to some extent 1 we pursue the procedure of designing  the camera.

– In the up comping section 2, it would be ideal if you go along with me when I visit the plant where the camera is really being made.

To be completely honest: This undertaking was started by cinema5D. FUJIFILM (Alongside numerous other recognized makers) is running a paid flag battle on our site, which obviously causes us money our everyday activities – nevertheless,  the creation cost of this narrative was completely self-financed by cinema5D.

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